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Dano Wert Racing wins Jim McClure Nitro Nationals in Rockingham, NC.
Posted 10/18/2011
Author Jason Youd - Sales & Business Development Manager, HP
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Bruce "Seven" Croneberger in the winners circle.

Our first pass Saturday ended mid-track when an airline fitting for the air shifter snapped off. The real issue here was that the bike was on a huge pass. The track and air conditions were perfect and you could say they were a dream scenario for rider Bruce "Seven" Croneberger III. The old Pro Mod record was 8.43 seconds. Before the end of the first round, it was broken 3 times. The quickest pass was 8.33 seconds. That is right the record was shattered and we broke. Second round we started to lose the air as it was getting hotter. We managed an 8.49 with the rear tire spinning through second gear. By the third round, the good air was gone but we still put down an 8.47 pass.

Sunday brought a new day and new conditions. I worked over the bike pretty hard Saturday night and Sunday morning. First round we took out Bruce Chandler with an 8.42 which was 2nd fastest of the round. We then took out Joey Thomson when he red lighted. We had Jason Adams in the final. Uncharacteristically Seven lit the Red bulb in the final so we ended up with a runner up finish. All in all Seven rode three bikes Sunday, winning in Hot Street & Street Pro. Adding the runner up in Pro Mod was exceptional.

Seven won the 2011 AHDRA National Pro Modified title for Dano Wert Racing and wins the 2011 AHDRA National Pro Street & Hot Street titles for the Schaeffer's HD team which includes his brother Brad who won the 2011 AHDRA Screamin' Eagle Performance title.

This will be the last DWR race report for 2011. Thank you for all the support and yes we will be back next year with our new Pro Gas program and new bike. We also will have a big surprise for next year. I will be posting the AHDRA schedule once it finalized, but there will be at least two races at the Rock, 1 each at Bristol, TN, Norwalk, OH, Atco, NJ, Numidia, PA, Belle Rose, LA & Woodburn, OR. Rumors also have us at Gainesville, FL & Las Vegas, NV.

Dano Wert Racing would like to thank PAC Racing Springs for their support. The Dano Wert Racing AHDRA Pro Modified with Bruce "Seven" Croneberger III riding qualified #1 and went on to a runner-up finish in the finals of the AHDRA Liberty Nitro Nationals at Numidia, PA May 21 & 22 using PAC Racing Springs. We have extended our #1 National point lead position also.

Again, thank you all for your support.
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