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Circle Track Valve Springs - PAC Racing Springs

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Circle Track Valve Springs are for a segment of endurance and horsepower based engines that require the longevity and performance needed to complete the race successfully. The PAC Racing Spring line-up offers several performance options based on class and engine specific racing.  We also offer custom springs with this type of processing.  

PAC 1500 Series Springs offer an industry leading nitriding process that allows for the material to withstand the abusive wear and fatigue of the typical endurance engine environment.  These springs come fully prepared for racing conditions with chamfering, polishing, and the latest surface enhancement technology available.  From 24 hours of LeMans to the rigors of NASCAR the 1500 series spring has the history to withstand this environment.

PAC 1300 Series Springs offer the latest advancements developed from our envolvement in drag racing.  These springs offer a complete package to combat load loss issues.  This series incorporates the latest in heat treating technology and innovative dynamic surface enhancement processing.

PAC 1200 Series Springs are our standard high performance processed springs with round or ovate wire. 1200 Series springs have excellent load loss while still maintaining a good fatigue life. These springs are developed for economical racing budgets.

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