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PAC Racing Springs now has an updated 2015 Suspension Spring Catalog and inventory to serve the coil over shock market. 

As a leading manufacturer in valve springs, PAC Racing Springs is able to use the latest in extreme high tensile alloy used in valve springs for use in suspension springs.

The high tensile valve spring alloy allows mass reduction, enhanced fatigue life, and very high travel length.  We address the fatigue life (failures) by adding heat treating and the latest in shot peening. 

Desert Truck Racers continue to have failures on suspension springs and we have not ignored this.  We continue to do in house cycle testing to hundreds of thousands of cycles to ensure our springs are superior to anything available.

We offer a selection from several popluar colors and have the ability use custom colors of your choice.

CUSTOM SPRINGS ARE AVAILABLE. If you don’t see what you need in our catalog or in our online store, email us.  We’ll add it or make it custom for you!

Please visit the PAC Racing Springs Suspension Spring Store for more detailed information.



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