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Testing and Engineering - PAC Racing Springs


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The PAC TechCenter is an advanced technical resource available to support the Peterson Spring plants and their customers. Facilities located in-house include:

3D Solid Modeling, Motion Analysis and Finite Element Analysis

The TechCenter has acquired advanced software packages that enable Peterson's engineers to carry out extensive and detailed computer modeling and simulation of springs and spring assemblies. This facility can be linked to all the major design packages used in the automotive industry to provide electronic file transfer with the customer.

X-Ray Residual Stress Analysis

This device measures the state of residual stress in a spring by measuring the atomic spacing of the material using high frequency x-rays. Residual stress is a vitally important factor in valve spring manufacture and this device enables Peterson Spring to ensure that detrimental stresses are minimized and beneficial stresses are maximized.

Material Testing

 A range of material test equipment is located in-house at the TechCenter. This equipment is used to subject the raw material to exhaustive examination to ensure only the highest quality material is used for Peterson valve springs. The test equipment available include:  



Tensile testing

Metallographic examination

Microhardness testing

Rotating-bending fatigue testing

Impact testing

This device provides high definition digital images of failed springs to assist in troubleshooting any problems that may arise. It is coupled to an EDAX unit that provides instantaneous chemical analysis of any zone of the fracture or identify any possible surface contaminants.

Strain Gauge Capability

Micro-strain gauges can be attached to any spring component and used to directly measure the surface strain of the spring when it is loaded either statically or dynamically. This provides valuable confirmation of the operating stresses imposed on the part during service.

Durability Laboratory
This area of the TechCenter houses a wide range of cycle test machines that provide fatigue life measurements on Peterson parts. Testing in hot oil and under continuous load monitoring are available.
Engine Test Facility
This latest addition to the TechCenter provides our Engineers with the ability to operate a full engine under direct electrical drive to evaluate the effectiveness of the valve spring in controlling the operation of the valve train at speeds up to 10,000rpm.
The valve train can be instrumented to measure full valve motion (including valve closing speeds and valve bounce) as well as spring load and spring stress.







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