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Custom Retainers - PAC Racing Springs

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With PAC's ability to manufacture springs to allow the extreme performance needed in racing, we decided to introduce a full line of spring retainers, spring seats, spring cups, and valve locks that match these performance demands.  The retainer product line complements our large ion of springs, allowing customers to obtain the latest alloy and heat treating available for retainers.  We work very hard to reduce weight and allow for the most robust design as possible.

PAC Racing Springs pushes the envelope on spring designs, in which traditional retainer manufacturers may not offer a retainer design to complement the cutting edge springs.  By having a full in house development program for retainer design and manufacturing,  we can come to market with a complete team approach, allowing for customers to focus on winning championships.

Please call toll free (866) 799-9417 for more information about our custom retainers.

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