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PACRACING is a premiere manufacturer of Suspension Springs, Valve Springs, Spring Retainer Products, Sway Bars, and many other metal components. 

Why are PAC Racing Sway Bars better?

We demand the highest technology and best performance from our products. We work very diligently ensuring our designs, materials, and processing withstands all performance requirements.

Years of experience manufacturing Valve Springs used in highly stressed race engines provides understanding on what it takes to manufacture a lighter, better performing sway bar.

We validate these claims by testing the competition in our Dynamics Laboratory, setting baseline standards to exceed current sag (load loss), spring weight, and fatigue life. Cost is always a factor and with being a division of Peterson Spring, it allows for our metallurgists to demand the highest strength alloys, while leveraging our suppliers to meet market price demands.

Our Flagship Sway Bars are made of a premium Tomahawk Steel alloy

All Tomahawk Alloy Sway Bar purchases come fully backed with a 5 year warranty against failure due to normal operation conditions*

We also have Titanium Sway Bars available using the highest grade titanium for your high performance application where weight is a premium. Typical weight savings are 7.5 lbs. over a steel sway bar. 

Custom Orders

We can fabricate sway bars to any OAL, Active Diameter (rate), or spline configuration. Just call (866)799-9417 to speak with one of our engineers for assistance.


We also manufacture Link Arms and Inserts, Radius Rods, Short Course Sway Bars, Bushings, and Rod Ends to be ordered selectively on custom orders or in our Sway Bar Kits.

Note: Warranty not valid against failures caused by rust, vehicle crashes/damage, or used in a manner not conducive to normal operation. Any machining to the sway bar immediately voids the warranty.



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