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Standard Metric

With PAC’s ability to manufacture springs to the extreme performance needed in racing, we decided to introduce a full line of spring retainers, spring seats, spring cups, and valve locks that match these performance demands.  The retainer product line complements our large selection of springs, allowing customers to obtain the latest alloy and heat treating available for retainers.  We work very hard to reduce weight and allow for the most robust design as possible.PAC Racing Springs pushes the envelope on spring designs, in which traditional retainer manufacturers may not offer a retainer design to complement the cutting edge springs.  By having a full in house development program for retainer design and manufacturing,  we can come to market with a complete system approach, allowing for customers to focus on winning championships.

Custom Retainers and lot runs welcome.  We manufacture thousands of retainers for OE companies!

300 Series Steel Retainers are made from 4140 aerospace grade chrome moly steel.  PAC Racing springs then heat treats these retainers to elevate the tensile strength, provising a robust life and solid wear characteristics.  We also apply a black oxide coating to these to maintain a rust free finish.  These retainers are primarily used for street performance cars or for the customer who is looking to change or upgrade slightly from the stock system.

400 Series Titanium Retainers are made from the very best American Titanium 6AL4V material available.  This titanium is the industry standard for use in all retainer designs.  PAC Racing Springs buys mill run lots of this material alloying us to to define the tensile strength and seam characteristics which allows for the best material.  Since this material is widely used in aerospace applications it offers a competitive price over our 500 Series retainers.

500 Series Titanium Retainers use a proprietary high tensile titanium alloy which has outstanding tensile strength and wear properties.  Using this alloy allows the PAC Racing engineers to design the ultimate in light weight retainers, while maintaining the reliability performance of retainers that are 20% higher in weight.  Use these retainers in applications that require very high rpm, severe engine applications, professional racing, and other forms of abusive applications.

600 Series Tool Steel Retainer is made from proprietary Pacaloytm steel that we use in our valve spring applications.  This steel offers outstanding cleanliness, extreme tensile strength, zero wear, and light weight designs.  The PAC Racing engineering team designs and maintains the manufacturing of these retainers for professional racers who see extreme amounts of wear in severe racing applications.  We use the latest in FEA design, heat treating, REM isotropic finishing, and shotpeening to address the fatigue life of these retainers.  We treat these retainers with all of the metal improvement technology needed for them to survive the race!  Use these retainers when you have endurance applications or spring damper applications that continue to wear out valuable titanium retainers.

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